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5th Avenue Realty - Real Estate Playa del Carmen

Real estate playa del carmen

Our executive team has a broad range of skills that are available to assist you in achieving your objectives. Please read below of the highlights of our professional group

In just a few years this small sleepy fishing village has doubled it's population. With the one of the fastest growing populations of any city in the world and its location on the Caribbean Sea

Why we are different

We are known for developing quality working relationships with our clients based on respect, integrity, and trust . We pride ourselves on building a solid foundation for assisting you with all your real estate needs.

Why Consider Mexico
The US & Canadian media jump on any negative Mexican story - often it isn't even verified or correct. And if it is they will always bias it towards the negative.

Purchase Procedure for non-mexicans
Make a written offer containing details of price, dates, conditions, items included or excluded, special circumstances, etc. Accompany your letter with earnest money check to be used as an example of good faith. Attach a Copy of your passport to the offer.

Why do non mexicans need a trust
For historical reasons, in 1917 the Mexican Congress considered it a matter of national security to limit foreigners from owning property within 100 kilo meters (62 Miles) of the borders, and 50 kilo meters (31 Miles) from the coast, this has hence been included in the Constitution.